Polica: New Music Alert
Paul Williams: A Living Legend
Elton John: To Sir, With Love!
Bruce Spingsteen: Prince of the Paupers
Davy Jones: Davy Jones Fan Club
Various: Driving Music
Paul Simon: Goin’ Back to Graceland
Various: Grammy Coverage
Whitney Houston: So Emotional
Don Cornelius: Peace, Love and Soouuuuul….
Morgan Freeman: Turn on the Power
Bruce Springsteen: Who’s The Boss?
Oprah: Back in Session
Wilco: Take A Load Off
Sharon Van Etten: In With The New
Bon Iver: The Year of Bon Iver
Stephen Colbert: TGIF Again
Bill Frisell: All We Are Saying
Amy Winehouse: Hidden Treasures
The Concretes: Soft Cover
George Harrison: Here Comes The Sun
The Rolling Stones: Some (More) Girls
Adele & The Raconteurs: Un-Cover
Joe Frazier & Heavy D: Heavyweight RIP
Brian Wilson: A Reason To Smile
Bjork: Bjork Style
Feist: Getting Feist-y
Various: Do You Spotify?
Various: X Fact-Check
Regina Spektor: Enlightened Song
Netflix: Netflix-iated
Sting & Christian McBride: A Stingin’ Cover
Win Win: High Credits Score
Sly Stone: Save The Soul
The Music Never Stopped: Long Live The Dead
The Heavy: Covered in Blood
VW Bug: Gimme Five
9/11 Tribute: New York Skyline
Garland Jefferys: In The Heat of the Summer
Elvis & Billy Bob Thornton: August 16, 1977
Rickie Lee Jones & Justin Vernon: eHarmony
Catherine Feeny: In Th Hole
Jimmy Webb: Songwriting Webb
Journey: Never Stop Believin’
Bon Iver/Justin Vernon: Cover Lover
AARP: Act Your Age?
Colin Hanks: Power of Tower (con’t)
Ennio Morricone, Yo-Yo Ma, Danger Mouse & Daniele Luppi: Italian 101
Bono: Once A Rock Star
Peter Frampton: Ooh, Baby I Love Your Way
Clarence Clemons: Rest n Peace(maker)
Katy Perry: Good Friday
Pat Metheny: Cherish
Colin Hanks: Power of Tower
Sofia Coppola: Less is More Somewhere
Bon Iver: Justin Time
Cher: Turn Back Time
Sheryl Crow: Sideways Cover
Lindsey Buckingham: What Up With That?
Stevie Wonder: Superstition
Bob Marley: One Love
Buddy Holly: That’ll Be The Cover
An American Family: Loud and Proud
Jeff Bridges: His Royal Dudeness
Kurt Elling: Steppin’ Out
Paul Simon: Simon Says
Jerry Weintraub: Going His Way
Jimmy Fallon: TGIF
Billy Joel: The Perfect Stranger
Joan Rivers: Can We Talk?
Oprah: Class In Session
Gayngs: Got Gayngs?
Bob Welch/Fleetwood Mac: Music For Grown Ups
Lovely, Still: Still Lovely
Francis Ford Coppola: A Word from The Godfather
Don Kirshner: The Don of Rock Concerts
Rickie Lee Jones: Queen of Coolsville
Black Dub: Black Dub Rules
Patti Smith: Because The Night Belongs To Stars
Tom Jones: Me and Mr Jones
Kate Bush/Theo Bleckmann: This Woman’s (& Man’s) Work
Bruce Springsteen: I Believe in ‘The Promise’ Land
Gayngs: I Am In Love
Cory Chisel: I Heart Cory Chisel
Arcade Fire: Playing With Arcade Fire
Sting: Every Little Thing He Does Is Magic….
The Beach Boys: Would It Be Nice?
Gorillaz: Do Gorillaz Rule? Really?
Tift Merritt: What’s With That “Mixtape?”
The National: I Pledge Allegiance To The National
Minivan Confessions…
The Wild, The Innocent and The iPod Shuffle
Gram Parsons: My Deal With Gram
Boz Scaggs: Is It Over?
The Beach Boys: Over 40 And Still Fabulous