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Nov 17 / boomitude


No question this is Adele’s year.  She is the toast of the town with her ‘21’ burning up the charts and you know you really reach the big time when you get spoofed on Saturday Night Live. This weekend the joke was on her ubiquitous “Someone Like You” when a group of down-on-themselves office workers drowned their sorrows in her heart wrenching ballad…and the customary cartons of ice cream. Even funnier when the boys from Coldplay get in on the sob fest.

I like Adele as much as the next gal. She has old soul talent that defies her young twenty something years but I could understand wanting to hear her sing something a little edgier…she’s certainly got the pipes for it.  Which is why one of my favorite covers is her version of  “Many Shades of Black” with the Raconteurs, the raucous band Jack White pulled together sans Stripes

Technically it isn’t a cover if she’s singing with the original artists but because it’s a new twist, it qualifies…and Adele has been known to perform it solo in her live shows. It’s one you may have missed unless of course you happen to own the 90210 Soundtrack from ’09. Like who doesn’t!? Rest assured this is no a teary eyed breakup ballad. Not when Adele and The Raconteurs take it full throttle and let it rip. 

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