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May 19 / boomitude

Sideways Cover

One of the high points of this season of American Idol (aside from Steven Tyler’s winning personality) was Sheryl Crow’s stint as the mentor. I hope those impressionable young contestants appreciated being in the presence of a true artist who made belting out a tune on a moment’s notice look effortless. And to think, she was able to offer her worldly and relevant advice in plain ole’ street clothes. No costume needed. (I’d like to see the world go a little more gaga over that!) The video below is only further evidence that Sheryl Crow knows a thing or two about picking good songs. This time she’s added an interesting twist to the cover tune by recording it with the original artist Citizen Cope, who also happens to be his own brand of cool. So here is the Citizen Crow version of “Sideways.” No tricks…nothing fancy…just a beautiful song straight up.

Sheryl Crow
Citizen Cope
I’ve Got Your Cover Right Here
Buddy Holly-That’ll Be The Cover
Kurt Elling-Steppin’ Out