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May 6 / boomitude

That’ll Be The Cover

This year marks the 75th birthday of Buddy Holly and in celebration, Fantasy Records is releasing Rave On Buddy Holly (6/28/11) with a wide array of artists covering his all too brief but enduring contributions to the pop music songbook. The lineup includes veterans Paul McCartney, Lou Reed, Graham Nash and Patti Smith along with more recent favorites Florence and the Machine, My Morning Jacket and the distinct voice of Cee Lo Green. Each artist puts their own spin on the Buddy Holly legacy and it promises to live up to his spirit of thinking outside the notes. Produced by famed film music supervisor Randall Poster, it seems to be less a Buddy Holly do-over and more a creative take on collaborative storytelling. So with that, we leave you with a preview. Take a listen to The Black Keys as they show some of their very cool brotherly love to “Dearest.” You know how we feel about a good cover and it sounds like this one treats Buddy Holly right!!