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May 11 / boomitude

One Love

There’s a lot going on in the world today to honor the untimely loss of Bob Marley 30 years ago. The GRAMMY Museum in Los Angeles is debuting a new exhibit Bob Marley Messenger and the documentary Marley is being previewed in Cannes. Our favorite late night show with Jimmy Fallon has been paying tribute to the king of reggae all week with Keith Richards stopping by tonight. Though it’s reported he’s there just to chat, rumors are circulating that he might pick up his ax for the occassion. They also managed to get the elusive Lauryn Hill to stop by tomorrow night for a couple of tunes. (Let’s just hope she shows up on time…otherwise it could be a late, late night.) And we’ve even got our own tribute to add to the mix. Recorded a couple years ago to commemorate the 30th anniversary of his classic Exodus, we bring you another rarely seen side of Bob Marley as told by long time associate, radio programmer and Bob Marley biographer Dermot Hussey. Come on people, get up stand up for Bob Marley!

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