boomitude is your attitude on music. It’s that moved by music feeling that we just can’t get enough of. As part of the music loving generation, we were raised on records, radio and epic concerts. Music filled the air and that connection is deeply ingrained in our souls. But times, they are a-changed – and with all the digital revolution has given us, it’s left us missing an old friend and hungry for more.

So we’re bridging the gap and giving you the best of both worlds. We’re bringing back the spirit of wonder and discovery that made us fall in love with music in the first place but with an eye on what’s happening right now. It’s a nod to our past but with the future sharply in focus.

Think of it like we’re taking one step back and two steps forward to give music center stage. We need it now more than ever. It simply is a matter of life and music.

We’re a team of digital pioneers, label execs, marketers, bloggers and most of all, die-hard music fans. We’re here for the music and we just want to keep the conversation going. Why don’t you come along for the ride.