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boomitude is your attitude on music. It’s that moved by music feeling we all know and love so well. As part of the music loving generation, our connection to music is deeply ingrained in our souls. The albums, the radio and all those concerts have shaped who we are today. But times…they are a-changed…and along came the digital revolution. With all it has to offer, it has left us missing an old friend and craving something more. At boomitude we’re bridging the gap and giving you the best of both worlds. We’re tuning you in and turning you on to the cool stuff we love through interviews, podcasts, videos and blogs. We’re bringing back the spirit of wonder and discovery that made us fall in love with music in the first place. Think of it like we’re taking one step back and two steps forward. Or it’s sort of like then, except it’s so right now.

boomitude is the love child of Vella Interactive and the shared vision of Joseph and Caroline Vella. As reigning podcast king, he’s been producing and marketing music content online since the dark ages for some of the biggest names in music and she’s emerged from behind the scenes to set the tone as the mastermind creator and writer.

We’ve been part of the online world since the dawning and music has always been at the heart of what we do but we’re equally inspired by great film, theater, television or whatever else happens to move us. If we love it, we have to talk about it and we want to get you talking about it too. So come on over, get your groove on, flex your own boomitude and share in the love because after all, hasn’t it always been a matter of life and music? And for the record, they’re not saying, “booooo,” they’re saying, “boomitude.”