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May 17 / boomitude

Got A Minute?

One of our favorite features here at boomitude is our 60 Second Soundtrack. Whenever we meet and interview an artist we always ask them to share one record that continues to inspire them. It’s so interesting to see what you get in that brief moment and most of the time it makes perfect sense. Like in the case of talented singer songwriter Richard Julian who credits Randy Newman as one of his greatest inspirations. Richard Julian is a songwriter who although has his own distinct voice, writes in the vein of Randy Newman as clearly illustrated on his latest recording Girls Need Attention with lines lines like “Come on, get your drunk ass up…” or “She looks like a fresh piece of cake.” So it would follow that Randy Newman ranks high on his list of go-to records. Randy Newman recently appeared on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and performed a couple of songs from his latest record Songbook Vol. 2 including the solo piano version of his searing hit “Short People” (Click here to see Randy’s performance). For many, that song was the first introduction to Randy Newman but as Richard Julian points out in his 60 Second Soundtrack, Mr. Toy Story has been pushing buttons well before that and his amazing 40 year career has had a profound impact on many. Wow….and you thought “Short People” ticked people off?

Richard Julian – Girls Need Attention
Randy Newman – Good Old Boys