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May 16 / boomitude

What Up With That?

It’s always great when Paul Simon is the musical guest on Saturday Night Live but when he plays the role of the good sport in a zany skit, it’s that much better. This week was his turn along with Glee’s Chris Colfer to take the hot seat in the ongoing and going What Up With That. For two years, we’ve been watching the same bit. Guests who have included everyone from Al Gore, Robin Williams and Robert DeNiro, appear on the panel alongside the show’s silent fixture Lindsey Buckingham (played by Bill Hader), and never get a word in thanks to host D’Andre Cole’s (played by Kenan Thompson) uncontrollable outbursts of song. But this week offered one big exception. They finally got the real Lindsey Buckingham to show up and riff and really, isn’t it high time? Whether you find this gag funny or done and doner, you’re gonna have to sit through it just to catch a little bit of Lindsey’s “Big Love.” He’s someone we don’t see nearly enough and it even looks like Paul Simon is diggin’ the show too. And word is Lindsey has a new record in the works and he’s thinking about kicking up the old band. We’re so down with that!

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