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Apr 12 / 33rpm

Simon Says

Paul Simon knows a thing or two about making lasting impressions with his records and getting the chance to listen in as he shares the process and inspiration for his latest So Beautiful or So What is a special treat. Posing the interesting question of whether or not the album concept still holds up today, Simon looked back at Sgt. Pepper’s, Dark Side of the Moon and his own Bridge Over Troubled Waters to explore songwriting in a way that he’s resisted for many years and it seems to have taken him right to his wheel house. Watch the video below to witness the master reveal some of his trade secrets including the unexpected appearance from the big ‘G’ that had even Paul McCartney scratching his head. Nope, it’s not Garfunkel – you’ll just have to watch. So Beautiful or So What hits stores April 12 and aside from the fact that there really aren’t any more record stores, it sounds like the Paul Simon album as an art form is still completely relevant and as it turns out, so beautiful. Of course, you can always order online and if you’re into collectibles, they put together a nice package with some extra goodies and they’re running a contest now until June 25 with one lucky winner picking up the whole deal. Just follow the links below.

Paul Simon
So Beautiful or So What