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Nov 23 / boomitude

Some (More) Girls

The Deluxe Edition of the Rolling Stones 1978 epic recording has just been released which means now there’s even more Some Girls to love…a whole 2nd record’s worth. It’s a long time coming for die-hards who have been bootlegging many of these extra tracks for years. Mick and Keith have been out chatting up their famous 70’s darling as well as what might be up their sleeve for their upcoming 50th bash and you can catch some excerpts here.

But if you’re thinking of picking up this sweet little set, you better hurry. Murmurings of the CD facing extinction by the end of 2012 seem to be growing louder so this might be the last holiday season you can hand someone an actual package. It’s hard to imagine a download only world but if that’s the case, sad and lonely music fans everywhere are likely to be the ones singing “Miss You.”

Some Girls Deluxe Edition
The Rolling Stones