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Sep 13 / boomitude

Covered In Blood

There was way too much going on with this season of HBO’s True Blood to even begin dissecting the characters and whether you’re good with how things went down or not, they stayed true to form all the way…with blood at every turn. Including the season finale closing tune – a sneak up from behind and command your attention version of the Blood, Sweat and Tears hit “And When I Die.” In trying to track down the tune, we came across this great post from KCRW DJ and True Blood Music Supervisor Gary Calamar explaining how he commissioned the band The Heavy to breathe some new life into the immortal song for the pivotal ending scene. The music is always the story within the story with the series and this might be one of their most lingering musical moments yet. It’s available on the Season Three Soundtrack and it feeds our cover tune fix. For True Blood junkies everywhere, here’s “And When I Die:”

True Blood Soundtrack – Season 3