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May 27 / boomitude

Less Is More Somewhere

We love movies about as much as we love music and when the two come together so harmoniously we can’t help but take notice. If you missed Sofia Coppola’s Somehwere in theaters, it’s now out on DVD and well worth exploring. Set amid L. A.’s fabled Chateau Marmont, it pokes some pretty big holes into the so called glamourous life of an over indulgent movie star played by Stephen Dorff. It’s not until the unexpected bond forged with his young daughter played by Elle Fanning that he gets on the right road. Oscar winner, Sofia Coppola didn’t only inherit a keen eye for detail in her cinematic storytelling but she’s also made a name for herself creating memorable soundtracks with Virgin Suicides, Lost in Translation and Marie Antoinette in her repertoire. What makes Somewhere a little different is that the music is used more sparingly and in keeping with whole minimalist feel of the film, it never gets in the way. It just sort of lingers with the scene and lets the story quietly unfold but still manages to make a big impact. It feels less like a movie soundtrack and more like you’re hanging out with these people and that’s the music playing on their radio. Which is probably why a soundtrack record was never released. Some of the more poignant moments come from Phoenix whose Thomas Mars also happens to be Sofia’s real life leading man. This is not in-your-face kind of filmmaking. It’s slow moving nuance that might be lost on some…especially those who tend to nod out on movie night. But it’s the kind of film that grows deeper over time. It’s almost like you don’t fully appreciate the beauty of Somewhere until you step away and look back. Oh, and this favorable post has nothing to do with the fact that I have a screenplay, I’d love to send Sofia’s way. Hey Sof…text me!

Phoenix – Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix
Francis Ford Coppola – A Word From The Godfather