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Feb 27 / boomitude

Can We Talk?

Say what you will about Joan Rivers but when it comes to her career she does not joke around, as revealed in the candid documentary A Piece of Work. This glimpse into the over the top world according to Joan reminds us of what a force she really is. There’s a look back at her early groundbreaking days of standup, as well as the highly publicized setbacks and how through sheer grit and chutzpah she endured. Of course, there’s a good sampling of her in your face, cut to the chase brand of comedy, but what’s most surprising is the peek behind the infamous mask that exposes a rarely seen vulnerability. The film presents the 75 year old queen of crude in a whole new light. Like her or not, she’s got some serious stones (and we’re not talkin’ the jewelry kind) and it doesn’t look like she’s going away anytime soon. Now if somebody would only make a documentary about Totie Fields.

A Piece of Work is available on DVD and Netflix