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Feb 22 / boomitude

Class In Session

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that as the final season of Oprah’s weekday show is winding down, she has already launched her very OWN network. It appears to be a work in progress with programs rolling out gradually. So far, the highlight is the smart weekly series Master Class where pop culture luminaries trace their paths from humble beginnings to worldly success and reflect on the many lessons learned along the way. It has little to do with O and all to do with the fascinating stories of how these famous personalities landed where they are today. Subjects range from Maya Angelou and Sidney Poitier to Diane Sawyer and Condoleezza Rice. Music fans will appreciate the straight talk from Jay-Z and Simon Cowell and those who remember the early days of Saturday Night Live (and the killer bees) will love hearing Lorne Michaels’ first hand account of producing the iconic show all these years. Beautifully photographed and endlessly insightful, Master Class is well worth fitting into your schedule and may just make something out of Oprah yet.

Link: Oprah Presents Master Class