August 16, 1977

August 16, 1977

Today marks 34 years since the passing of Elvis Presley. It’s one of those moments in time when everyone remembers where they were on that sorrowful day. I was a teenage kid from New York vacationing in the Palm Springs heat and we had all to do to worry about Son of Sam and the historic NYC blackout. Little did we know that it would be the loss of Elvis that would send that whole summer right over the edge.

A few years ago our own podcast king worked on a tribute to THE king where he interviewed actor, writer, director and lifelong Elvis Presley fan, Billy Bob Thornton who shared his recollection of learning the magic was gone (click PLAY to listen). And as an added bonus, he shares his most loved EP tunes in the playlist below. RIP Elvis…forever the King!

Listen to Billy Bob on Elvis

Billy Bob shares his Elvis Playlist.

Listen to Billy Bob's Elvis Playlist