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Jun 15 / boomitude

Good Friday

We thought Colbert and Fallon’s spoof of the YouTube teen Friday phenom was funny enough but leave it to Katy Perry to takes it a step or ten further. In her Last Friday Night video posted on Funny or Die, she’s not laughing at the young and innocent Rebecca Black but instead laughing with her all the way to the best party ever. It’s plays more like The Hangover for high schoolers but set to another sure fire summer hit from patron saint Katy Perry. It’s got that pop radio stickiness all over it. And as with any good rager, there’s always all kinds of uninvited guests with the laugh at yourself MVP going to “Uncle Kenny” who’s worth the wait at the halfway point. It’s all in good fun and might be just what you need to get you through hump day…did I really just say that? But you may want to shield it from the teenagers……as if they haven’t already seen it or worse yet, are dancing somewhere in the background. Made you look!

Funny or Die