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Jun 19 / boomitude

Rest In Peace(maker) Clarence Clemons

Most people know all about Clarence Clemons and the magic he brought to the E Street Band as Bruce Springsteen’s right hand Big Man and now a whole legion of new fans know him as side man to Lady Gaga, but fewer are aware of his softer and more reflective side as a solo artist. In 1995 he quietly put out a record that couldn’t be farther from his larger than life stage presence. Peacemaker is a collection of all original instrumentals that are introspective, expressive and at times hypnotic. It’s the kind of thing that when people hear it, they recognize the tone but are always surprised the mood belongs to the sax star they thought they knew and loved so well. It shows Clarence Clemons the musician, in a whole new light. It’s unfortunately out of print so tracking it down might take some work but maybe his passing will inspire a much deserved reissue. So for now, we bid farewell to one of the biggest and most beloved rock and roll personalities of our day and leave you with his “Serenity.” Peace out, Clarence. Your spirit lives on forever.

Clarence Clemons – Serenity (from the album Peacemaker)

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  1. Jimbo / Jun 20 2011

    Cool stuff – always love the updates and this one is so well timed to remind us what a unique character he was, beyond his frontline image on stage with Bruce. New for me. Never stop!

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