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Apr 20 / 33rpm

His Royal Dudeness

Is Jeff Bridges the most likable guy in Hollywood, or what? Along with being one of the greatest and most humble actors of our time, he is also a talented painter, sculptor, photographer, musician and devoted family man. Now he can add Blue Note recording artist to impressive bag of tricks. Set to release this summer, it’s no surprise he’s got his buddy and fellow Crazy Heart Oscar winner T-Bone Burnett producing his major label debut and it looks like it could be a contender. With a mix of original tunes and covers and some very cool guests including Marc Ribot and Roseanne Cash, this is not some I’m a famous celebrity who played a country singer in a movie so now I’m gonna kick around a music career. JB is the real deal and he is fiercely dedicated to his craft(s) as you will see in the PBS American Masters documentary The Dude Abides. This rear view mirror look at the staggering career of Jeff Bridges originally aired in January but is now showing in its entirety on the PBS site. It is 90 minutes long but so worth it even if your boss does catch you watching it at your desk. Just go, “Dude, you’re gonna have to wait, this is some really good sh*t right here.” The preview below pretty much sums it all up. It’s Mr. Big Lebowski walking in on The Little Lebowski and blowing everybody’s mind. Does it get any sweeter than that?

Watch the full episode. See more American Masters.

Jeff Bridges
PBS American Masters