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Jan 26 / boomitude

Turn on the Power

If you’ve been following along with Oprah’s Master Class assignment as instructed, then you’re down with the whole Morgan Freeman story. If not, you missed out on a deep session highlighting an amazing career that didn’t kick into high gear until he got the job Driving Miss Daisy at the age of 50. He’s been lighting up the big screen ever since but the most priceless moment came when we were reminded of his earliest gig with the now defunct Electric Company. Most of us know what a soulful character Morgan is but his role as Easy Reader in the landmark children’s program of the 70’s couldn’t get any groovier (looks a little like Easy Reader is hittin’ the EZ Widers). Enjoy this choice clip of a young Morgan Freeman and Rita Moreno teaching kids how to read and making us all wish we could be that super fly.

Oprah’s Master Class


  1. Joan / Jan 26 2012

    This is SOOO funny. He looks like he should be in a Superfly movie. Thanks for giving Charles and me a big guffaw. Morgan and Denzel are America’s best actors in my opinion.

  2. boomitude / Jan 26 2012

    Brilliant then…brilliant now!!

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