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Aug 12 / boomitude

I Heart Cory Chisel

Singer-songwriter Cory Chisel will always remain close to my heart. Aside from being crazy talented and not to mention, super cute, he was one of the first of the hip young emerging artists to talk with us at boomitude. If you haven’t already checked out the ‘Dylan Born Again?’ podcast, it’s a nice glimpse into what he’s all about. We were also able to catch his show while he was in town and if you ever get the chance, don’t miss it. He’s really that good. With just the help of his equally engaging writing partner Adriel Harris, he had the audience eating out of his hand…as well as buying him tequila shots and taking to the stage for a “Born Again” sing along. It was a great night all around! Hanging out and chatting with him after the show, my friend Tracey and I – yes, ‘Turning Japanese Tracey‘ – as she will be forever known and not too happy about – told him of the closest thing to a honky tonk that our sleepy suburban town offers. You know, the kind of dive that has a jukebox, pool tables and cheap drinks. To which he said, “That sounds just like my shit.” We looked at our 40-something selves and husbands and said, “Yeah, that’s totally our shit too!” Then we hopped into Tracey’s mini-van and headed home…‘cause that’s how we roll! You can watch as Cory Chisel shares the one record that remains closest to his heart in his 60 Second Soundtrack. One minute says it all.