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Feb 1 / boomitude

Still Lovely

Seems we’ve been talking a lot about films lately but as it is Oscar season, here’s another that deserves more than an honorable mention. Lovely, Still may not be the darling of the red carpet (though it has been nominated for an Indie Spirit Award for first screenplay), it’s still every bit the glistening jewel. It’s unimaginable that this poignant but twisted tale of elder love could be conceived by a twenty something, but the way first time writer and director Nik Fackler tackles this quiet but bold little film is astonishing. It’s beautifully shot and the performances of Martin Landau and Ellen Burstyn are impeccable. Adding to the loveliness is a nice music score by Nate Walcott and Mike Mogis of Bright Eyes. To avoid giving too much away, it’s best you simply take our word for it. There’s really no reason to miss it, especially since it’s even available through Netflix streaming. Not sure what that means? You have an appointment with 2011, you better get going.

Director Nik Fackler’s Blog

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  1. Joan / Feb 1 2011

    OMG!! The trailer made me cry. I’m sure to watch this one. Whether streaming or otherwise. Both actors are among my favorites. Thanks for cluing me in.

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