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Jan 10 / boomitude

Back in Session

Last year we told you about Oprah Winfrey’s newly launched network’s best show Master Class and how we enjoyed the insightful conversations with pop culture luminaries Lorne Michaels, Simon Cowell and Jay-Z (you can read the post here). The good news is that OWN has brought the show back for another season and the Jane Fonda episode has already aired to rave reviews. So if you’re interested in brushing up on the life lessons of Goldie Hawn, Ted Turner, Reba McEntire, Morgan Freeman et al, you better show up Sunday at 10pm or set your DVR because the not-so-smart news is that it doesn’t look like there’s any make-ups scheduled. Hopefully they will address that quickly as well as replay the first season that many may have missed…and while they’re at it, they should probably rerun another highlight, Oprah’s Next Chapter with the surprisingly Opie-like Steven Tyler. Oh and it’s probably worth noting that Jon Bon Jovi is also part of this season’s lineup. Yes, that is the same Bon Jovi that’s currently headlining in the stylishly produced Advil commercial?! Live and learn!

Oprah’s Master Class