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Oct 6 / boomitude

I Am In Love

When I saw GAYNGS on Jimmy Fallon this week, it was instant love…furry hats and beards and all. They’re like this big groove stew made up of a bunch of cool musicians from all different bands (Bon Iver, Andrew Bird, etc) and on their TV debut, they stole the show along with my affection. After further investigation, I learned these recent indie darlings set out to create an album inspired almost entirely by 10cc’s “I’m Not in Love” and what’s not to love about that? The resulting Relayted is getting lots of props and if that’s not enough, legend also has it that Prince actually showed up at their mock prom!? Anyway, take a look for yourself. Here they are doing “Gaudy Side of Town” (available for free download on their site) and I’m gonna say I don’t think it is just a silly phase.