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Jul 18 / boomitude

Power of Tower (cont’d)

Looks like Colin Hanks has gotten the green he needs to finish his documentary about Tower Records (may they rest in peace). Since running this post a month ago, Team Hanks exceeded their $50,000 goal thanks to over 1600 nostalgic Kickstarters who chipped in to raise a whopping 92k. Which only means the same internet that took Tower down is bringing it back to life.

From our original blog: Power of Tower:

Raise your hand if Tower Records meant something to your younger record buying self and you really miss having it around. Now raise your hand if you’d like to see the documentary about Tower’s rise and fall that’s still in the works come to completion. It’s actor Colin Hanks’ hope that if you’re sitting there with both hands in the air, you might want to contribute to his quest to get this story told. He’s in the process of making All Things Must Pass – The Rise and Fall of Tower Records, but as it often happens with documentaries, he ran short on cash. So he’s begun a Kickstarter campaign to raise the remaining 50 grand he needs…
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