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Feb 29 / boomitude

Davy Jones Fan Club!

Main Monkee and major teenage heartthrob Davy Jones had girls everywhere swooning when he walked onto the set of The Brady Bunch.

Oh to have been Marcia Brady. She was the envy of a generation…and it seems like only yesterday.

Here is one of our favorite Davy Jones moments. RIP Davy and thank you for making a better world!


  1. Diane / Mar 7 2012

    I am trying to locate different fan sites. Are any of you going to any of the MEMORIALS? I hear there will be one in New York and another in England. If any of you are going, could you (1) make a video recording of the memorial to post on Youtube or one of your sites. 2) Arrange to have one of the networks, like CNN or VH1 to have the MEMORIAL televised for fans who can’t get to New York or England.?

    Thank you,


  2. boomitude / Mar 8 2012

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