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Oct 17 / boomitude

X Fact-Check

I really had no intentions of watching the waaaay over the top X Factor or worse, ever writing a blog about it. They get more than enough airtime without any help from me but now I’ve got a little beef with them and I can’t sit silent. I happened to catch some of last week’s auditions and if seeing the lavish locations and mansions weren’t enough to make you want to hurl yourself off the side of the cliff, hearing judges Rihanna and L.A. Reid act like the young crooner contestant was the first to cover her “Please Don’t Stop the Music” pretty much sealed it. They’re kidding…right?! They were like, “How about that! A Sinatra version…” Really? Neither of them have heard popular jazz artist Jamie Cullum’s spectacular redo of her song? Really? Last year, I included the song in a blog which was the first in a series devoted to some of my favorite cover tunes. I like the ones that veer off from the original and for this one I said the spin Jamie puts on Rihanna’s song is OFF THE CHARTS. He owns it! How about that! (It’s like they were actually in a Pepsi ad except it’s the one where the guy screams, “WAKE UP PEOPLE!”) You’d think the young singer would have done some homework too…it is only a five million dollar prize. I guess it proves that all the money and fame in the world can’t beat what you’ll learn from visiting a humble little music blog like boomitude. HEY X FACTOR, I got your cover right here!