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Aug 18 / boomitude

In The Heat of Summer

Lately I’ve been really loving Garland Jeffreys’ new record The King of In Between. It all started when I heard the single “Roller Coaster Town” on the radio and it instantly grabbed me. Then once I began digging into the rest of the album, I found it was just as good from start to finish and in keeping with his long standing songwriting tradition, it reeks of New York City. He’s been sharing what’s on his Empire State of Mind long before it was fashionable and it’s great to hear his relationship with his hometown is still going strong.

I was reminded of the New York of my youth while looking back on the 34th anniversary of Elvis’ passing earlier this week. The 70’s were a tense and gritty time for the city but still an amazing place to come of age and if there’s one song that serves as the perfect bookmark on the era, it’s Garland Jeffreys’ “Wild In The Streets.” It is the summer in the city anthem for all time and if you haven’t heard it recently or ever (and that would be a crime), it will send you running to your nearest street pump to cool things off. Or you can simply pick up the free download of his new “Coney Island Winter” – yet another great tune from one of Brooklyn’s best. And if after all this, you’re still asking yourself, “Who is Garland Jeffreys?” What else is there to say but…watch and learn, people!!

Garland Jeffreys