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Dec 16 / boomitude

TGIF Again

As we look back on some of our favorite matters of life and music from 2011, this video from Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Fallon remains a standout. In case you missed it, here is our original post and if you’ve seen it already, it’s just as good revisited and it will only help put a little more TGI into your Friday!

As far as covers go, Stephen Colbert’s interpretation of “Friday” from Late Night With Jimmy Fallon is nothing short of genius. Even if you’ve managed to sidestep the whole YouTube explosion of the song, this video will win you back some street cred. Colbert is backed by The Roots, who can turn even this little ditty into a funk fest, with Jimmy and other unexpected guests adding to the thrills. It also happened to make good on a bet that resulted in $26,000 for charity. So if the next five minutes of awesomeness doesn’t get you smiling or put a little skip in your step, then you probably need to pack it up and call it a day.

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon