Me and Mr. Jones

Me and Mr. Jones

I think I can safely say that Tom Jones was my first official pop star crush. I remember him being a regular fixture in our house during those early days but it wasn’t until I saw a recent segment on CBS Sunday Morning that I was reminded of his old show This Is Tom Jones. (Just one of many cool variety shows we lived for back then like Glen Campbell, Flip Wilson, Sonny and Cher and the list goes on.) He along with his velvet bow tie graced our living room weekly and after seeing those vintage clips, memories of Mr. “Sex Bomb” came flooding back. He and those pipes were sizzling. That was pipes with an S. At a sinfully young age, both my sister and I instinctively knew there was nothing Bobby Sherman about this guy. He was all man…so what was with that Delilah? (Last week, even 30 Rock’s Liz Lemon flashed back to an unspeakable incident involving a poster of the heartthrob.) Anyway, I’ve got a call out to TJ and I’m really hoping he’ll consider talking with me and my podcast king. I’m liking what he’s done with 70, but crush aside, this is all business. Really…I just want to talk music. I like his new record Praise and Blame and would love to hear more about it. Nothing against CBS, but I think they could have dug a little deeper. Just want to talk about the new record. No gushing. I promise. So until we get our own thing going on, you can watch their interview below, minus all the old music clips…sorry, their doing.

A few years ago, a close friend of mine who was over the moon for Tom Jones lost her valiant battle with cancer. Up until her final days she stayed true to her love and closed every correspondence with the same salutation. So in honor of my beautiful friend Kristen, I sign off with:
Peace, Love and Tom Jones!

p.s. You almost forgot about the song “Sex Bomb”…didn’t you?

p.p.s. Geraldine was the real bomb!

Tom Jones