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Aug 5 / boomitude

In the Hole

Every time Catherine Feeny’s song “People in the Hole” comes up on my shuffle, I’m reminded of what a great song it is, but on my last listen, it struck me on a deeper level. It may be a simple little pop tune but it’s one that carries a big stick. Without getting overly preachy about it, her point is that people just don’t ‘get’ each other and at a time when we’re surrounded by conflicts reaching epic proportions, it really hits home… and hard. Catherine is a talented singer songwriter who isn’t hugely famous or getting tons of radio play, but she’s certainly deserving of wider recognition and this song is a great place to start.

When we spoke with her last year she told us about her latest album of the same name, her process and what lights her creative fire and you can listen to the podcast here. She’s a unique voice driven by storytelling even if it does take us over to the dark side like you’ll see in the mini horror film below. There’s no reason you can’t watch a ghoulish video in the heat of August, seeing that the Halloween candy has already hit the shelves! And if you ‘get’ it, be sure to share it with some people. It might help make things a little more human.