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Jan 5 / boomitude

In With The New

If you’re looking to put a little New in your Year, here’s an artist we recently discovered that you’ll be hearing more about. It’s no surprise we’d be captivated by Sharon Van Etten since she’s so closely intertwined with two of the bands we’ve raved (and raved) about last year, Bon Iver and The National. (She’s the lovely back up vocals on The National’s song “Think You Can Wait” from the film Win Win that we told you about.) L.A. Times has named her one to watch, she’s scheduled for Late Night with Jimmy Fallon tonight and she has a new release due out next month. She’s got that folksy Brooklyn singer songwriter vibe that seems to turn hipster heads but in a very down to earth accessible kind of way. Maybe it’s that she counts The Carpenters among her influences. Here’s your chance to catch a star on the rise…Sharon Van Etten singing “One Day” from her 2010 album Epic.