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May 25 / boomitude

Justin Time

Timberlake isn’t the only Justin whose ears are ringing after his recent late night appearance. Though he does always steal the show when he hosts SNL, he really outdid himself this week with his Andy Samberg and Lady Gaga 3 Way. But it’s Justin Vernon we’re talking about or aka Bon Iver. If you don’t his name, you will. He’s about to explode. He’s quickly become indie music’s ‘it-guy’ and his new record releases June 21. (He’s also part of the Gayngs crew that we love so much.) What’s so great about him, aside from his super cool young vibe, is that he wears his musical heart right on his sleeve and isn’t afraid to show some serious love to his influences. Like how he told Jimmy Fallon the other night that there “wasn’t enough Hornsby in his scene” so he tied some of that slammin piano sound into one of his new tracks. Or because he’s so into Bonnie Raitt he had to cover “I Can’t Make You Love Me” as a bonus for the Late Night crowd and brought down the house. You won’t find it on his new record, so you’ll have to watch it here. It’s Bon Iver doing Bonnie Rait or wait, Leon Russell, wait no, Donny Hathaway or no, it is Bonnie Raitt. OK, whatever…it’s like a great cover tune 3 way and it’s what all the ‘kids’ are talking about these days!

ps. Bon Iver is also giving away a download of the track “Calgary” here.

Bon Iver