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Feb 18 / boomitude

Music For Grown Ups

You know what’s a bit of a letdown? Grown Ups. Nice concept, but the Adam Sandler buddy comedy doesn’t live up to the expectations. There’s not much happening with the story and the handful of funny 6th grade boy jokes isn’t really enough to hold it all together (though ‘St Pauli Grandma’ is funny). They do get extra credit for some good 70‘s tunage with highest marks for the use of Sentimental Lady in a sappy slow dance scene. You remember….Sentimental gentle wind, blowing through my life again. Sentimental lady, gentle one. If you haven’t heard it lately, it immediately transports you back to that once upon a time and place. We’ve since learned (and some may already know), that before the song was a big hit for Bob Welch in 1977, he previously recorded it with his lesser known first band, Fleetwood Mac. That would be circa 1972, pre Stevie and Lindsey. The whole group later weaved some of their tangled web magic into Welch’s wildly successful solo album French Kiss. If you listen closely to the earlier version below, you’ll spot that signature Fleetwood sound, especially once Christine McVie comes in on background vocals. But at your own risk. It kinda sneaks up on you and doesn’t let go. All together now…You are here and warm and I could look away and you’d be gone….