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Feb 16 / boomitude

Solo Piano Man

A few years back, I had the opportunity to see jazz pianist Brad Mehldau in concert. I had always liked his work but was a little reluctant about his solo performance. One guy and his piano alone on stage? How good can it be? He took to the keys and in a very roundabout way, meandered into a version of James Taylor’s “Fire and Rain” that BLEW MY MIND. And it only got better from there. That whole evening remains one of the most captivating live performances I’ve ever experienced and I have since remained a big fan. Our very own podcast king knows a thing or two about jazz and is a frequent contributor to the Huffington Post where they are currently running his interview with this dude on the piano. Even if jazz (or classical) is not your bag, Brad Mehldau is a name you should know. His covers of pop songs are nothing short of brilliant and his work has been known to surface in films like Space Cowboys, Eyes Wide Shut and The Million Dollar Hotel. Take a look as he finds his way into “My Favorite Things” and shows some serious love to The Sound of Music.

Brad Mehldau
Huffington Post interview