Frampton Shows The Way

Frampton Shows The Way

Seeing Peter Frampton on last week’s Oprah only further cemented his status of rock icon. Not like we had any doubts but he seems to wear the moniker well. The ease of his presence stole the show and it was more like a watch and learn lesson of what legendary really looks like. I only hope it was as good for him as it was for the daytime crowd. He recently sat down and talked with boomitude (that’s right, he takes our call as well as O’s) and on this final podcast installment, Frampton sheds some light on the indelible stamp he has left on an era and shows us the way to the phenomenon known as Frampton Comes Alive….talk box and all.

And if you look really close at the shot we took (left), you’ll notice PF is wearing his signature silver link chain except this time it’s holding his specs. That’s genius. Where else would a guitar hero hold his reading glasses? Hey, maybe we’re on to something – a whole line of eye wear and accessories for the rock star in you….Peter’s Peepers!? Frampton’s Eyes Come Alive?? Peter, call us!

Photos courtesy of, Denis O’Regan, Gregg Roth, Heil Sound, Carl Lendor, Associated Press, The Midnight Special, A&M Records Archives, Universal Music Group, Sony Music.

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