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Jul 26 / boomitude

60 Second Soundtrack: Peter Frampton


  1. Christine Brown / Jul 28 2010

    Thank You for sharing with all of us. You can read about Cameron on

  2. Cheryl Ervin / Jul 28 2010

    What a great show last night!!! Penn’s Peak!!! Last time i saw you i was 18 lol 1976!!!!! JFK PHILLY!!!! You sound wonderful and look great Peter!!!! It was so worth the 2 hour drive from Delaware to see you! What a nice place to see a concert! Thank you so much, made my night! My husband loved you as well! You Rock!!!! Thanks<3 Cheryl <3

  3. Darrell Shipman / Jul 28 2010

    Wow I have to say that I never would have guessed Roxy Music for Peter, although they were fantastic as Peter said. I will have to go back and listen to that one as well. As for me, when Im not listening to Frampton, lately Ive been listening to Mitch Ryders “Never Kick A Sleeping Dog” Great album and it was produced by John Mellencamp. Cheers!!!

  4. Trevor Marr / Jul 28 2010

    Totally agree with you on that one Peter, that album really defines a large part of my University memories! Songs like ‘More than this’, ‘to turn you on’ and ‘Avalon’, …in fact there is not a bad apple in the bunch!

    Thanks for reminding us.

    PS I play your …’Shine On – A Collection’ in my Mustang with the top down All Summer Long! ‘I wanna go to the Sun’ is awesome! They all are! 🙂

  5. Trevor Marr / Jul 28 2010

    PSS… get back to Canada soon and make sure you come to Calgary, ALBERTA!!!

    Much appreciated!!!

  6. FRANCOIS GIRAUD / Aug 4 2010

    (Translated from French)
    It is on to the day of today PETER FRAMPTON remains the living memory of the rock one years 70 -80. This legend artist knew to cross the eras and his last opus THANK YOU MISTER CHURCHILL is the album rock by reference. My only wish is that PETER FRAMPTON go through Europe and notably the FRANCE for that at last is recognized his immense talent of guitarist and of musician. Then has soon MAITRE FRAMPTON. Your devoted servant FRAMPTON 43

    (Original Comment)
    il est sur qu’au jour d’aujourd’hui PETER FRAMPTON reste la mĂ©moire vivante du rock des annĂ©es 70 -80. Cet artiste de lĂ©gende a su traverser les Ă©poques et son dernier opus THANK YOU MISTER CHURCHILL est l’album rock par rĂ©fĂ©rence. Mon seul souhait est que PETER FRAMPTON passe par l’Europe et notamment la FRANCE pour qu’enfin soit reconnu son immense talent de guitariste et de musicien. Alors a bientĂ´t MAITRE FRAMPTON. Votre serviteur dĂ©vouĂ© FRAMPTON 43

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