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Jul 27 / boomitude

Would It Be Nice?

The Beach Boys

Rumors started swirling again last week about the Beach Boys possibly reuniting next year in celebration of their….yikes…. 50th anniversary. Every so often the topic heats up on the rumor mill but then very quickly fizzes out. Our crew has worked pretty closely with the boys, in particular Brian Wilson, and we have no reunion confirmation despite Al Jardine’s wishful statement. Maybe it’s best to leave well enough alone? We met up with with them a couple of years ago to talk about the career retrospective record The Warmth of the Sun and put together this video podcast. If summer just ain’t summer without these California guys, then here’s another chance for you to catch the wave…at least until the next reunion…..or not. And as luck would have it….just as I write this, KCRW’s Eclectic 24 is playing “Hushabye” ……may the gods of summer speak!


  1. Tracey / Jul 29 2010

    So — I say skip the reunion. It would never be the same….it’s bad enough they’ve toured with John Stamos backing on drums. The Beach Boys were my first band love — well after the Partridge Family and the Jackson 5 — but I was over the top (even more then the Beatles…at the time). Dennis was my favorite and I see him pictured here. But, who’s that behind him? It’s not Brian, Carl, Al or Mike…..and it’s definitely not John Stamos.

  2. Tracey / Jul 29 2010

    P.S. – great piece.

  3. cv / Jul 29 2010

    Good question and good eye!! Our sources say his name is David Marks. He was the Wilson’s neighbor and rhythm guitarist (and only 16). He joined the band after Al decided to go to dental school but then was done when Al returned a year or so later.

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