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Jul 29 / boomitude

Every Little Thing He Does Is Magic….

I’ve been seeing a lot of Sting lately. On tv and youtube, that is. He’s been making the rounds and his Today and CBS Early Show live performances have been the next best thing to the actual con$ert. Is it me or does he just get better and better over time? He sounds great and he looks fantastic in all of his splendid Sting-ness. I’ve also been listening to the accompanying Symphonicities and you gotta give it to him. He’s got the Midas touch – and the golden hair to prove it and his songs backed by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra seem to suit him perfectly right now. I don’t think I’ll ever tire of “Roxanne” and “Englishman in New York” in any context but some of the others like “When We Dance” and “The End of the Game” are equally exquisite. His conductor Steven Mercurio is a family friend and from what I hear and see from these performances, he too is having a blast! What’s not to love about that gig?

A couple of years ago my own podcast king met the king of pain. He was producing a podcast series promoting the 30th anniversary of The Stranger album and Sting, a friend of Billy Joel’s, was included in the interview lineup. It was a closed set so I didn’t get to go but I do have a lovely photo of both of them prominently displayed in my family room…..the only logical place for a photo of “Uncle Sting.” I pass him everyday and because we both share a love of yoga, I offer him a quiet namaste and go about my business. It makes me happy knowing that in some small way our lives have intersected. Now if I can only get him to invite me to one of those yoga retreats he and Auntie Trudie host at their place in Tuscany. Please, Uncle Sting? Pretty please? Ommmm……



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  1. Joan / Jul 31 2010

    Yeah, it’s Mother nature’s cruel trick that some men stay great-looking, or get even better-looking with age, (witness Richard Gere) yet we ladies have to fight Father Time tooth and nail.
    I LOVE Sting’s voice, and I always will. And yes, I don’t get tired of his music, over all the years.
    When that yoga invite to Tuscany arrives, plz say you have a friend who’d like to join you.
    Chau and Namaste!

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