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Dec 3 / boomitude

Love Jonsi

If you love Jónsi the way we love Jónsi, then you’ll be stoked with this free download. “New Piano Song” is one of the four new songs included on Go Live which documents the stunning live performances that accompanied his recent critically acclaimed solo debut Go. In case your saying, Jónsi who? He is best known as the vocalist extraordinaire portion of the Icelandic band Sigur Rós and he is an artist in the truest sense. Just take a look at some of his concert footage. And if you’re still like, Sigur huh? Then get busy…you’ve got a lot of ground to cover but you’ll be glad you caught up. OK, so it may not be your run of the mill pop radio stuff but even young Taylor Swift has recently discovered their dreaminess and added it to her own personal playlist. To get the free track (or better yet, treat yourself to the whole record), you don’t even have to love Jónsi – just ‘like’ him on Facebook and find out what all the fuss is about (click here for the download).

Go Live
Sigur Rós