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Jun 6 / boomitude

Hey Mickey

Back in the early 80’s, when MTV lived up to its name and actually played videos, there were a number of songs that helped define the era and at the top of the list is Toni Basil’s Mickey. Who could forget the pig tailed cheerleader stomping onto the scene and delivering one of the most stuck in your head beats and videos of all time. More than just the pretty faced singing pom-pom girl, the original sporty spice brought her winning game to the project as the creator of the song and video concept as well as choreographer. We recently chatted with Toni and she gave us the lowdown on how Mickey slipped past the record executives and really blew everyone’s mind when it went on to sell over 2 million copies, reach #1 on Billboard and become one of MTV’s most played videos. She’s no one hit wonder as she has since been enjoying a lasting career in the world of dance, film and television. If you’ve seen any of her appearances on TV’s So You Think You Can Dance or Step It Up & Dance, then you know that same cheerleader spirit is still kicking. Listen below as she revisits her 80’s classic Mickey. Give me a T-O-N-I -!!!!!

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Toni Basil