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Jun 16 / boomitude

A Gift From Tift

Tift Merritt

Like a rare b-side, Tift Merritt is a singer-songwriter with a gift for storytelling. In this boomitude original podcast she opens up about her process and shares her journey to See You On The Moon. Perfect for when you are driving around in the summertime. To hear again, press rewind….

See You On The Moon
Buckingham Solo
Another Country

Tift Merritt
Tift’s Facebook Fan Page


  1. Mia Simpson / Jun 17 2010

    Awesome….very well put together. I love her writing and singing. She is a rare gem in today’s music. Thank you for sharing this!!

  2. Larry Luper / Jun 17 2010

    This is great! You are too kind to us! Thank to Zeke & the Band too!

  3. Greg Hopkins / Jun 28 2010

    This is soooo awesome! I Love Love Tift Merritt! Just went to Knoxville to the Square Room and seen her! Man, I’ve been a fan for several years and never been to see her live! She raidiates music from the inside & out. She and The band rocked the house! Very sharp, edgy and sweet and humbled.Now I’m just wating for her show @Down Home in Johnson City,Tn.Saturday, July 24th. Thanks! Greg Hopkins Johnson City, Tn.

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