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Oct 22 / boomitude

Ferry’s Next Stop: Olympia

From the very first note of Bryan Ferry’s new Olympia, I was transported right back to that oh so dreamy place of Avalon. Which is fine by me because it’s one of my all time favorite chill destinations. And it seems I’m not the only one…rock god Peter Frampton likes it there too and even says so in his 60 Second Soundtrack. Even though Ferry is flying solo on this one, bringing back the old band seems to have reignited that righteous Roxy sound. I guess there’s even talk about a full-on Roxy reunion with an album and all?! Seriously overdue. As far as jammin’ with the old chaps again, Ferry says it felt “very nostalgic and familiar in a very nice way.” We’re feeling your vibe, Bry. Sort of makes you want to bossa nova? Take a listen for yourself. You can visit Olympia in its entirety over at NPR.


Bryan Ferry