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Oct 11 / boomitude


With the launch of his new season, talk show host Carson Daly announced that he would be bringing music back into focus on his (waaay too late for me, thank you DVR) Last Call late night talk show. Seeing he cut his Hollywood pearly whites on music, that’s probably a smart move. Even better than that, the singer songwriter Tift Merrit was included in his lineup last week and that’s like over 800,000 potential new fans…way to go, Tift! Though he’s hardly the Johnny Carson of his day, it’s nice to know he or somebody on his staff has enough sense to spot something good. So with his signature MTV quick cuts and an all too brief musical performance, heeeeeeere’s Tift on Carson:

And not for nothin’ but, boomitude was right on it and we have the podcast to prove it. In case you missed out, here’s our take on Tift and her recent See You on the Moon: