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Jul 13 / boomitude

Who Can It Be Now ?

If you don’t know that Colin Hay has been making beautiful music since retiring Men at Work 25 yrs ago, then you’re kinda blowing it. Hello, Garden State?! But no worries to him because as he jokes on stage, “he’s f-ing rich” – maybe not “Mick f-ing Jagger rich” but comfortable all the same. At times he may be a funny, unfiltered, self-effacing teller of tales but make no mistake, he’s also a hugely talented songwriter and musician. Take a listen to this boomitude original podcast as this honest and insightful voice traces his steps from the land down under to basking in his American Sunshine.

American Sunshine
Transcendental Highway
Man @ Work
Going Somewhere
Company of Strangers

Colin Hay
Compass Records

Photo credit: Robert Hakalski