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Oct 5 / boomitude

The King of In Between

When Garland Jeffreys’ new record first came out, it immediately caught our attention. We have since had the pleasure of meeting Mr. King of In Between and he couldn’t have been a more generous and affable character…and every bit the real deal as you will hear in his voice. He’s a great storyteller and we could have easily hung out and talked all day. He told us about his Brooklyn roots, his “Wild in the Streets” heyday and his 50 year friendship with Lou Reed, all of which make an appearance on his latest record. It plays like a track by track snapshot of each phase of his life from his beloved “Roller Coaster Town” to the still going strong “I’m Alive” and it may just be his best work. Though The King of In Between reflects his feelings of slipping through the cracks of races and genres, it seems after meeting him, maybe there’s a generational thing going on as well. Yes, he’s 68 and he’s got the chops and wisdom of someone who has seen and heard plenty, it doesn’t quite fit with the youthful spirit and kid in the candy store attitude that he wears so well. Here’s Garland Jeffreys in his own words in this boomitude original podcast:

Listen to Garland Jeffreys-The King of In Between

Garland Jeffreys