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May 17 / boomitude

Donna Summer’s Stamp

It is with great sadness that we honor the passing of Donna Summer today. She’s a legendary voice who left an indelible stamp on the sound of an era. Our own podcast king spoke with The Queen of Disco in 2008 as she was about to release Crayons, her first solo recording in 17 years. At the time, she was very optimistic about her new work and she shared her creative process and inspirations for the new and varied collection of songs (Listen to the Crayons podcast here).

While most will remember her by mega hits like “Last Dance,” “I Feel Love,” “Bad Girls” and “On the Radio,” this record should not be overlooked. It’s some of her best and most personal work and it’s an uplifting collection of music. As she states in the four part podcast series, “My songs are never dead, they’ re only sleeping and I never know when they’ll wake up and begin to breathe.” It is our wish that maybe these songs will take on a new life and carry her shining torch. She also added, “To my last breath I want to be a fire in my life.” RIP, Donna Summer. You’re spirit burns forever bright. From the record Crayons, here is the inspiring “Stamp Your Feet:”

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  1. Milford x Varnado / May 24 2012

    I cannot believe Donna Summer’s has passed away she is going to be so missed a real fantastic natural talent

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