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Apr 21 / 33rpm

Major Explosions

Last night we stepped out to see the Austin based Explosions in the Sky. These guys don’t come around often so we jumped at the chance. They’re perhaps best recognized for their brilliant soundtrack work on the film (and tv show) Friday Night Lights but they wield lots more power than that – especially live on stage.

Their sound doesn’t fit neatly into any box but it’s instrumental rock that mixes soft, fluid melodies with raging guitars and raw emotion. They refer to it as “cathartic mini-symphonies.” We call it mesmerizing. If this were the 70’s, they’d be major guitar heroes of FM radio. Though their low-key masters-of-their-universe style seems to suit them just fine. Here’s a small taste of what we saw last night.

Explosions in the Sky albums to own:

The Earth Is Not A Cold Dead Place
Friday Light Nights
The Wilderness