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Feb 14 / 33rpm

Brotherly Love

Now here’s two bros in perfect harmony. And they get along famously. If you know don’t know the Avett Brothers, then the HBO documentary May It Last: A Portrait of the Avett Brothers will be a much needed wake-up call. If you’re already into them, this doc will only add fuel to your fandom. They’re the real deal mixing deep southern roots with a generous heap of soul-bearing.

Equally gifted on vocals, instrumentals and oh, that songwriting, they and their awesome bandmates treat us to some good old-fashioned record-making. Seeing the track “No Hard Feelings” come alive is pure heaven. They’ve got music guru Rick Rubin in their corner along with Judd Apotow, who directed the film and seems to always get to hang out with the cool kids. Look for the film now showing on HBO and that record they lovingly cranked out is True Sadness.