Do Gorillaz Rule? Really?


Since seeing NPR’s list of top records of 2010 (so far) I’ve been thinking. Gorillaz…#1? Really? I like their Plastic Beach. It is good. But #1? It took me a few listens to fully appreciate it but I get it. It’s hip and varied and there’s some very cool collabos with Snoop Dogg, Lou Reed and an especially nice Bobby Womack piece. It’s no High Violet but I do like it. My guys in The National took the #2 spot and I’m good with that….but Gorillaz at the top of the heap kind of threw me. Not too many surprises from the rest of the list with Black Keys, Vampire Weekend and Band of Horses to be expected. Although, no Cory Chisel and the Wandering Sons? No fair! No Tift Merritt? I’m hoping that’s just a release date thing. I’d take either of those records over the new Corrine Bailey Rae or Sade any day… both of which made the cut and are ok. They say the people have spoken and apparently they have said, “Me love Gorillaz!” I’m not knocking it….I’m just sayin’. Here they are doing their thing…with a touch of Captain and Tenille thrown in. What do you think?