Elvis Costello: Elvis is in the Building – Part 1

Elvis Costello

I had the great privilege of interviewing Elvis Costello for a podcast series that I was producing for his record label. This was Elvis’ first podcast interview about his work and my first time meeting him. I was a little nervous but I had heard from colleagues that Elvis is a rare artist in that he has a great memory about his early career (which is not always the case) and a very passionate working knowledge of all music. And for me, there is nothing more invigorating than sitting down with a legendary artist and uncovering what makes them tick and how they came to be.

Long story short – Elvis was fantastic. He was one of the nicest artists I have ever interviewed and everything I heard about him was right on. There is not an area of music that he does not know about (just check out his Sundance show Spectacle). We focused on his first 10 years as a recording artist and he offered many new insights into some of his most famous works. Hear for yourself what makes Elvis Costello’s music so unique and why he is one of today’s most respected musical artists in the first of a 10 part series.

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Elvis Costello
Sundance Channel: Elvis Costello Spectacle

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